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Prepare for the GMAT at PASCAL

PASCAL offers a wide range of GMAT Preparation Programs and hundreds of Indonesians have successfully prepared for the GMAT at PASCAL Prospective students can choose from a number of Public and Private preparation options, that have proven their effectiveness in greatly enhancing participants’ score levels.

GMAT Preparation Packages at PASCAL focus on the improvement of test taking skills through an abundance of practice with real GMAT problems. Relevant theoretical background is provided where necessary.

PASCAL’s Basic Preparation for the GMAT is a beginners course that is accessible to all. The program introduces participants to the basic verbal and mathematical test skills and continues with a large collection of GMAT practice problems. The program further spends dedicated time on some of the more recent additions to the test. PASCAL’s Basic Preparation Program for the GMAT has a score target in the 550 – 650 range.

For those previous participants of the Basic Preparation Program as well as for those students with proven previous GMAT experience, PASCAL’s Advanced Preparation for the GMAT offers a means of further fine tuning their test taking skills through a wide range of higher level practice questions. PASCAL’s Advanced Preparation for the GMAT aims to bring participants’ score levels to the 650 range.

The Capita Selecta of GMAT is PASCAL’s specialist course for those who are planning to apply for top business schools that require GMAT scores in the 700 range. This course is only offered to PASCAL’s private students and discusses a range of real GMAT problems of the highest difficulty levels, which test takers have to deal with in order to obtain top notch GMAT scores.

All of PASCAL’s GMAT Preparation Programs are supported by dedicated course material that has been developed at our institution. Course materials and practice questions have been sourced from various origins and include a wide variety of real GMAT questions.

More details regarding PASCAL’s public and private GMAT Preparation Programs can be found here:

Public Preparation Program for the GMAT – Basic Level
Public Preparation Program for the GMAT – Advanced Level
Private Preparation Programs for the GMAT – Basic + Advanced + Capita Selecta