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An integral part of any application for Overseas Study, the Application Essays are an often underestimated component of the application process, yet their importance can hardly be overstated. The application essays are one of the only ways of personal contact between the applicant and the admissions officer and it of the utmost importance for prospective students to create a favorable impression through these writing samples.

Applicants to Overseas Colleges and Universities should invest plenty of time in the proper planning and crafting of their application essays, as these essays can make or break an application. Proper attention should be paid to the complete answering of the essay question, in a structure that is efficient and easy to follow for the reader. The language should be of high standard and appropriate for the field of study the applicant will be engaging in.

For participants of our GMAT, GRE and SAT programs, PASCAL is offering a free service of application essay review. Just submit to us the essay question, including word limit, and your draft essay, and you will be receiving a detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses of your essay within a couple of days.

PASCAL also provides a service of Essay Writing and Review, that actively assists applicants in their writing process through regular reviews and/or ghost writing of application essays. This service is chargeable and is available to anyone.